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This illuminating mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is from the Nichiren Buddhist tradition. This chant is what is known as „daimoku.” Daimoku represents the constant chanting of the mantra for a period of time. Daimoku can last from as short as a few minutes to as long as a few hours or more.

The purpose of chanting daimoku is to attain perfect and complete awakening, and have actual proof of this spiritual practice to oneself and others of the validity of the Lotus Sutra. The practice of reciting the daimoku is called shodai.

This chant is translated as Devotion to the Law of the Lotus Flower Scripture and approximately translated as Devotion to the Mystic Law (karma) of cause and effect that exists throughout all the sounds and vibrations of the universe.

It is a potent mantra that is recited as the central practice of all forms of Nichiren Buddhism. This amazing mantra was first disclosed by the Japanese Buddhist teacher Nichiren on the 28th day of the fourth lunar month of 1253 AD at Kiyosumi-dera, close to Kominato in current-day Chiba, Japan.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Meaning:

It can take lifetimes for a full and complete understanding of the mantra to be realized. Approximately, however, the chant means:

  • Nam means devotion to take refuge within;
  • Myoho means the mystic law of cause and effect, karma;
  • Renge means lotus flower, which simultaneously blooms and seeds.
  • Kyo means as expressed through the power of vibration.

The ancient word „NAM” comes from the Sanskrit Namah and stands for devotion or commitment. It is a usual term in Buddhist traditions and has many variations with the same meaning. Myoho literally signifies the Mystic Law. The word „Myo” also means „do not understand” and „ho” signifies „Law”. The sacred word „Myoho” is the law that underlies the part of life that is beyond comprehension. This is only an approximately interpretation of „Myoho”. In another interpretation, the sacred word „Myo” indicates the constant and absolute truth and Ho to all phenomena are triggered by „Myo”. The potent word „Renge” signifies the lotus flower. „Kyo”signifies the sutras, or the sacred teachings of Buddha.

Chanting benefits:

Chanting this mantra connects you with the eternal Buddha and you will manifest the desire to save all sentient beings from suffering without impediment or delusion.

The constant recitation of the mantra is a powerful practice that releases the practitioner’s present karma and is creating new roots or causes for the flowering of the practitioner’s personal enlightenment and bringing into being phenomenal changes in life and consequent happiness and bliss

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