Mangal Beej Mantra – Mars Mantra Benefits

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Mangal Beej Mantra – Mars Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit:

„Om Kraam Kreem Kraum sah Bhaumaya Namah”.

This powerful and potent mantra has the power to fulfill all the wishes in life. This beej mantra removes any kind of debt and aligns you with the positive vibrations of lord Mars.

Mangala in Sanskrit means Bhauma. He is the God of war and is celibate. He is of Tamas guna (darkness) in nature and represents energetic action, ego and confidence. Mangala is the god of war and is celibate. He is the owner of the Scorpio and Aries signs, and a teacher of the occult sciences (Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga).

Lord Mangal is also a Kshatriya and sits on a ram. Manga is portrayed as a handsome youth having a short stature and 4 arms, 2 of which carry a mace and a trident. His build is slender and appearance youthful and his blood-red eyes burn fiercely

Mars’ characteristics include determination, discrimination and will power. Although the Sun is the source of universal power, He is the executive branch acting on behalf of that power, which is why he is the bearer of welfare.

In Vedic astrology, Lord Mangala is considered a malefic of the first order. The Sun, Jupiter and Moon are all considered friendly to him, while he is hostile to planet Mercury. Saturn and Venus are neutral.

He also represents physical and energy drive, ego and self-confidence, anger, strength, impulsiveness, adventurous nature and heroism. He rules over muscles, blood and bone marrow. He is associated with battle, soldiers and war.

When the planet Mars is afflicted in your birth chart it can cause problems like brain fever, blood clot, inflammation of the lungs, typhoid, consumption and most of the diseases related to the blood.

Remedies to be performed for Mars or Mangal related problems include: chant Hanuman Chalisa and Mars mantra, fast on Tuesdays and daily meditation.

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