Antarjami Purakh Bidhate Mantra For Peaceful Sleep

Kundalini Mantras

Antarjami Purakh Bidhate complete lyrics:

”Anṯarjami purakẖ bidhatee sardha man ki pure.
Nanak das ihai sukh magai mo ka-o kar santan ki dhure.”

Mantra translation:

”O Inner-knower, Searcher of Hearts, O Primal Being, Architect of Destiny: please fulfill this yearning of my mind.

Guru Nanak, Your slave, begs for this happiness: let me be the dust of the feet of the Saints.”

Mantra description:

Mantras from Sikh tradition are very powerful and should not be used without proper intent and wisdom. These mantras are an instrument of the mind, a sacred vibration which is a coded sound or phrase, so you can use them to enter into a deep state of mediation.

This mantra is very purifying and it is commonly chanted at the conclusion of evening ceremonies at the Gurdwara and also chanted as part of Sikh funeral services.

Spiritual awakening is the realization that you are not a physical body or mind, but the pure conscious awareness beyond both. The first thing the mantra does is remove everything that is not aligned with the Supreme Consciousness.

This commonly begins with the mind. You will find that when you practice mantra meditation, all type of memories, thoughts, and emotions are coming up. Those should be witnessed without judgment. The mind is being defragmented, like your hard disk, by the power of the Kundalini mantra.

The mantra also purifies the energy body, and even the physical body ultimately, after all, the physical body is just the densest manifestation of the energy (prana) body, which is the blueprint and template of the physical body. When the energy body gets transformed, the physical body too will change.

Moreover, the mantra has the power to dissolve negativity, both outside you and within you, and it supports you in concluding your day in peace, happiness and tranquility. This mantra can be found on pages 12 to 13 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Scriptures.

By practicing this mantra, the energy is stimulated to rise up the spinal column and activate the pineal gland (also known as the third eye or Ajna chakra). Once activated, this energy center enables you to properly use the prana of the mind and emotions.

Furthermore, chanting the mantra will shift brain activity to the frontal lobe which will improve your mood and create awareness. Thanks to the power of the mantra, in this awakened state of consciousness, you are able to be in control of yourself rather than being controlled by your emotional body.

“The active mind becomes still when you meditate, and the passive mind becomes active. When thoughts come to you, don’t get upset; let them pass through. After some time of meditation practice, you will find a time when no thought will be released by the passive mind. Then you will enjoy a state of bliss.” – Yogi Bhajan

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