Mantras – what they are, why they are needed and how they work

Surely you have already come across the concept of “mantra”. When this word is mentioned, associations instantly arise with something mysterious, difficult to explain, magical. And there is some truth in this.

What is a mantra and how does it work?

Each word has a certain meaning and power. Some of them are able to heal from serious ailments, and some – seriously harm, therefore, every word and every phrase you say must be approached responsibly.

So, a lot of questions arise. Is it true that with the help of mantras there is an opportunity to improve certain areas of life? We will try to answer all these questions in the next article. And at the end of the text, you can watch videos and listen to mantras for love, wealth and health.

Meaning of the word

Mantra is a kind of vibration created by combinations of certain sounds. It is a sacred word, text or syllable from ancient Indian scriptures, radiating cosmic energy and beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul. Used in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism for several millennia. Sound vibrations of mantras are a powerful force capable of moving obstacles that oppose the achievement of the desired. The Vipassana technique is no less interesting.

The literal meaning and translation of the word “mantra” from Sanskrit, then it can be interpreted in three ways:

  1. “Spell”, “verse”, “magic”.
  2. “A tool for the implementation of a mental act.”
  3. “Liberation, salvation of the mind.”

Mantras and their meaning can to some extent be compared with prayers presented in the form we are accustomed to in the religions of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Islam. People pray to get rid of the disease, to enlist spiritual support, to overcome a difficult life stage, to find a loved one, to know the happiness of motherhood. But unlike prayers, mantras have a non-standard structure. This is not an appeal, but a kind of formula, consisting of several words. They are pronounced in Sanskrit and each of them has a specific meaning. Buddhists and Hindus believe that mantras not only attract what is glorified in the sacred text, but remove obstacles on the way to what the meditator needs. It is believed that this path is much more effective. But Buddhist mantras are not suitable for beginners and we will look at them in another article.

How do they work

What’s so special about a set of sounds? First of all, they contribute to relaxation, achieving a sense of peace and harmony. As you sit comfortably, close your eyes and chant the same mantra many times, you will sink deeper into a spiritual trance. In this state, we are able to completely leave all thoughts, worries and anxiety. Relaxation and asana shavasana also helps.

It is unlikely that you will argue that today a person’s life is eventful, difficult and “rich” in stress. Our nervous system needs proper rest, free from the flow of unnecessary information. Are we really resting? Noisy gatherings with friends, watching movies, playing computer games, chatting and other ways to “relax” is an imaginary rest. While performing such actions and being in such an environment, we load our brain even more intensively. Fatigue and anxiety never go away. But the function of mantras is just to rid the mind of unnecessary things, to tune us to achieve what we want. Combining it with soft, pleasant, unobtrusive music in absolute silence, you can truly relax.

The mantra is chosen not only depending on what it means and what it is aimed at, but also on the character, mood, temperament. This is because such prayers are an appeal to the gods, who, like people, have different characters. It follows from this that two people with certain character traits can use mantras that are different from each other, even if their goals are the same.

And yet: what are mantras for and what do they give? The answer lies in the very definition of this Sanskrit word. They liberate the mind, purify the body and soul. Many are no longer surprised that a significant part of all human diseases are provoked by negative thoughts, experiences, stresses (you must have heard of psychosomatics – a direction that studies the relationship between psychological factors and bodily diseases).

Thanks to mantras, we get an amazing opportunity to get rid of the consequences of not only anxious situations, but also karmic ones that occurred in past lives.

You can use a rosary. Pictured from a rudraksha tree

In order to practice mantras, it is important to learn a special breathing technique that will change the ratio of oxygen to carbon in the body. With the correct implementation of the technique, the brain and all organs begin to literally renew themselves. In yoga, pranayamas are also used for this purpose.

The main effect is exerted by acoustic vibrations emitted during prayer, therefore it is necessary to correctly reproduce the sounds of the mantra. You can start with the simplest – the syllable “Om”. In general, the Om mantras are considered the most ancient and are often part of complex sacred texts.

Types of mantras

There are numerous types of Vedic, Puranic and other mantras that heal souls and bodies, bringing a person closer to his goal. It is difficult to say in a few words what mantras are, so let’s highlight the most popular ones depending on their purpose:

  • to improve the material condition;
  • for health improvement, body healing, rejuvenation;
  • for universal tranquility and harmony;
  • to attract a loved one;
  • for happiness and success;
  • for love and joy;
  • for enlightenment;
  • to purify consciousness;
  • knowledge, etc.

There is also a mantra of meditation, energy, a mantra of fulfillment of desires and many others. Some of them are used during yoga practice.

There are also universal mantras that can be recited to everyone. Such an example is Om Namah Shivaya, which helps to cope with adverse life circumstances and to rise up. And it is also a reliable support, because the Namah mantra gives confidence and strength.

Om namah shivaya

Another universal mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, can also be used. It will help you recharge with positive energy, gain success and support in any business.

Mantra of Purification

Vedic mantras, such as Gayatri, purify the physical and spiritual body, grant salvation. This prayer is addressed to the Sun God Savitar and helps to gain faith in yourself. What does she mean? The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful appeals to the higher forces, because the whole essence of the Vedas is concentrated in it. It removes fears, helps to gain wisdom and distinguish truth from falsehood. This sound practice is salvation for a person with bad karma. Prayer is so powerful that it allows you to get rid of the sins of past lives and thereby correct karma.


The mantra of purification consists of 24 syllables borrowed from the Rig Veda (collection of Vedic religious hymns). It reads like this: Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat. It is good if you read the mantra three times a day – at sunrise, at noon and at sunset. But, if it is possible to read the sacred text more often, then this is even better. Cleansing the body and soul, you attract to yourself good health, beauty, happiness, the ability to withstand difficult life trials.

There is also a very powerful “seed mantra”. We are talking about Bija mantras, consisting of one or more sounds / syllables and carrying the strong energy of the Creator. To enhance any appeal to the gods, syllables from the Bija mantra can be added to any prayers. Kundalini yoga is also used in working with energies.

Mantras of Healing, Health and Rejuvenation

Many people in different languages ​​of the world ask the gods to get rid of serious illnesses and improve health. There are healing mantras that carry the power of the sun god. For this, the phrase Om Surya Namaha is pronounced. The mantra Hrim is recognized as effective. The sound practice of Teya Ta Om Bheikanze Bheikanze Maha Bheikanze Ranza Samud Gate Sokha also helps many.

To help oneself recover mental health, use the text of Om Chandra Namaha. And this is also what the mantra Ram is for. She also attracts peace, beauty and harmony to life.

Is your memory weakened or forced to work harder? She will be helped by the mantra Om Kri Kirim Karim Krim. With its help, the assimilation of the necessary information is accelerated. It is recommended for schoolchildren, students and people engaged in self-education. But don’t overdo it. With frequent prayer, the risk of depression increases.

Looking to improve your body and appearance? Recite the mantra of San Sia Chii Naoh Pai Tun Dou to yourself during cosmetic procedures, in the process of playing sports, as well as during similar manipulations and activities aimed at enhancing physical beauty. To become slimmer and more attractive, repeat this phrase on the waning moon.

The key condition that must be followed when reciting healing mantras is to imagine how the disease leaves the body and goes away irrevocably. Another mantra, Om Chandraya Namah, is recited 108 times on the new moon.

Wealth mantras

Many of us want to become even more successful and richer, but many obstacles often prevent us from achieving what we want. And then special mantras of money and wealth come to the rescue. There are many of them and they are aimed at improving the financial situation.

Fingers folded into mudras during mantras
Fingers folded into mudras during mantras


During reading, the fingers are often folded into mudras (Skt. मुद्रा, mudrā IAST, “seal, sign”). It is a symbolic, ritualistic arrangement of the hands, a ritual sign language.

The most powerful in this direction is the mantra of Ganesha (the elephant-headed god of the Hindu pantheon, patronizing success, prosperity, wealth, wisdom, well-being). She has the power to not only remove obstacles that prevent cash flow from entering your home, but also keep them stable.

Ganesha mantra texts

  • Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.
  • Aum Namo Dhanadaye Svaha Namah Aum.
  • Om Sri Mahaganapataye Namah.
  • Om Ganeshaya Namaha.
  • Om Hrim Grim Hrim.

Select one or more texts. Mantras are recited daily, preferably three times a day – at dawn, around noon and at sunset. It’s great if you can read the formula 108 times (using a rosary will make it easier for you not to get confused). If you are unable to pronounce the words that many times, limit yourself to any other multiple of three.

When pronouncing mantras, one should not hope that money will literally “fall from the sky.” No. But life will open up new opportunities for you that will help you increase your financial well-being – find a well-paid job, organize a successful business, etc. Under the sounds of words filled with a special meaning, a hint can come about what solutions will help correct material difficulties. In addition, Ganesha’s mantras are able to develop creative thinking, strengthen memory and mind, and provide assistance in all endeavors.

Mantra of love

Love can move mountains, give hope for the best, and even return to life. This mantra of love has a powerful effect on the human energy field, helps to find a soul mate. There are many in the Vedas. One of the strongest is the previously mentioned Om Mani Padme Hum formula.

The mantra Rama Da Sa Sei So Hang is capable of getting rid of the internal problems that stand in the way of the appearance of love and happiness in your life.

Mantras of happiness and success

The Hare Krishna mantra is one of the most famous and powerful, addressed to the eighth avatar, Vishnu. She helps to enlist the support of higher powers. It also allows you to open astral vision. There are many spells in our language. One of them sounds like this: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.

How to pronounce them correctly?

In order for the mantras to work correctly, and you get tangible benefits from this, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Choose the right mantra. You have to think about what exactly you want in the first place. It is advisable to use one sacred text.
  2. Choose a quiet place where no one will bother you for a while.
  3. Tune in to work. Get into a comfortable position, straighten your back, take three deep breaths in and out. Get rid of unnecessary thoughts and any worries. Concentrate solely on sound vibrations. Feel the energy gathering around your head.

How to use mantras and how to pronounce them correctly? There are principles you shouldn’t deviate from:

  • Pay attention to correct pronunciation. Recreating sound vibrations correctly is the foundation of success.
  • The mantra is chanted with a clear articulation of each sound.
  • Observe a certain number of repetitions. You need to recite the mantra 3, 9, 18, 27 or 108 times. You can start small and gradually increase the amount. In order not to get lost, experienced meditators use beads.
  • Uttering the text mentally affects the mind, and speaking out loud affects the physical body.
  • It is imperative to voice mantras in the morning (preferably at dawn) on an empty stomach. To increase the effectiveness of the practice, it can be repeated at noon and at sunset.
  • It is enough to spend 10-15 minutes per day on mantras for them to start working.

Video and audio techniques

If possible, listen to the recording so that you have a clear idea of ​​the melody and pronunciation. Try to listen to the sound carefully and, if possible, repeat it every day during meditation.

Now you know what mantras are, what they are and what they can change in your life. Do not expect a miracle from them, which will appear as if by magic. It is not the mantras that fulfill your desires, but you. Sacred formulas are a kind of programming that allows you to tune in the right way. This is a way of revealing your inner energy, capable of accomplishing the impossible.

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