Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha Mantra To Attract Abundance

Sanskrit Mantras

Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha mantra translation in English:

”Om and Salutations to the creative abundance that is the very form of this Universe.”


According to many spiritual leaders and success gurus, abundant health, good fortune and prosperity, love and finance do not come to you by accident. You call them forth with your thoughts, intentions, and actions.

The word mantra itself comes from Sanskrit and is composed of the root word “man” meaning mind or think and “tra” meaning tool or instrument.

By chanting this magical mantra, you will tap into the bottomless well of love, prosperity, and happiness that exists in the Universe. The chanting of this mantra also works with the Law of Attraction. By echoing the words of this mantra over and over you create specific energy vibrations.

With these powerful Sanskrit words, chanted with positive emotions and in present time consciousness, you will retrain your brain’s neuropathways, changing your body’s vibrational frequency so that you are more in tune with the life’s possibilities and ready to recognize and receive abundance. As Gautama Buddha described what the mind focuses on it will create, using the money mantra is one such way.

Chant this mantra every morning (at sunrise, if possible) for 40 contiguous days, for at least 10 minutes a day (with a sincere heart). You can even break it up into two five-minute sessions. Continue this sadhana until your situation improves. Some practitioners chant it for 10 minutes. Sometimes the mantra allows just a small stream of prosperity and abundance to trickle into health, relationships or finances. But other times a flood of good fortune comes instantaneously.

Many positive things happen to people who chant this mantra. Stay committed and keep repeating it.

Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha


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