Chanting Kleem mantra

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Kleem Mantra is a sacred chant that is used for attracting lavishness to one’s life. It is also known as the Beeja Mantra.

This love mantra works through appealing to the higher powers to offer their assistance in someone’s life. Chanting this amazing mantra helps us to get anything in our lives. If you want to get something in your life, then you can use the mantra for that.

It is usually called Kamaraja (desire king) or kama beeja (desire seed). It is the mantra of Manmata or Kamadeva, (which is the Hindu god of human love or desire) as well as Krishna, and Goddess Kali (in a specific form) too.

Chanting Kleem mantra benefits:

This love mantra is used to attract matter, even relationships, which belongs to material prosperity. With this soothing mantra, you can attract a car, a home, a man, a woman, a child and lot of materialistic things.

In addition, it is believed to be a mantra of love per excellence and thus a good mantra. As to its potential to harm, anything can be harmful relatively. If you become powerful and dominant over your folks and control their will that can be considered harming (brings negative karma) from the other’s perspective.

If you win a person’s love by this love mantra, which it is fully capable of achieving anything, you can be considered as harming that person – you deprive the other person’s freedom.

And if you are using this love mantra for gaining your desires, as it will fulfill all your desires, even the low ones, you are assumed to be harming yourself as you get immersed in materiality that makes your moksha (spiritual liberation from Samsara) difficult.

In any case, its hole harming capacity is confined to Love and Control. It will not do anything else.

If you use this mantra rightly – if you do not seek anything materialistic, but win the favor of the Goddess – it can liberate from Samsara you as it is a mantra of the Goddess Kameswari (Hindu Tantric Goddess of desire) – a very high and esteemed deity. She is Lord Shiva’s karuna sakti.

How to use the love mantra?

Write down „Kleem” on a paper for 54 or 108 or 1008 times, daily.

You can also recite this mantra loudly or can recite in your mind.



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