Aham Prema Mantra – I Am Love

Sanskrit Mantras

Aham Prema mantra meaning:

„I am divine love

I am that which I seek

I radiate beautifully perfect love.

I am that love.”


This mantra asserts one’s divine love energy within. A grand inner transformation is invoked, creating one’s highest essence of love.

Reciting this mantra awakens this sacred power within. This emanation enhances all situations, every day, creating an amazing infrastructure for whatever one desires to manifest.

Prema signifies love. It includes human love, divine love and universal love. It is the cosmic force of consciousness that holds everything together. Aham signifies „I am.” This soothing mantra is an affirmation that your true self is pure love and it puts your life energy in resonance with the love principle running through existence.

The ancient Greeks had five to seven different words for different styles of love. Love is the key to your hidden knowledge. Love is the essence of all life. Everybody knows the words: „Love your neighbor as yourself”. By daily recitation of this mantra mentally or loud we state that we do love ourself and if we do love our-self, we can love others. I am divine love – I love you.

If you love yourself, you can love others. If you love our life, you can love the whole creation. If you feel love for no reason – then you have found the fountain of true happiness. You will feel the nourishing energy of the mantra as soon as you hear the first seconds.

This love mantra can help you to ground and center yourself even in busy times.

Using a mantra helps to both awaken, and to bring into balance. At the same time, the mantra strengthens our power of attraction, it makes us like a magnet, people are drawn to us! This is another reason why we need to have a deep understanding of what we want.

Our intention can’t only be for „some beautiful girl” or „some rich guy”. When we are looking for our life partner, we are seeking someone who will honor and respect our energies, someone who will give their energy for our good in return. And we are seeking the truth.

From truth comes all those other wonderful things that make a relationship last, including trust. So it is essential to be clear not only in the words we say but in the thoughts we think as well.



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