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Kundalini Mantras

Sat Nam mantra is a powerful Kundalini Yoga mantra that means „Truth is My Name”. By chanting this mantra daily we allow our inner truth to set us free, teach us, give us confidence and peace of mind. The truth will set you free.

This is the mantra that is most widely used and practiced in Kundalini Yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga is what many consider to be the most efficient spiritual way to align mind, body, and spirit with the limitless Universe. The use of mantras in Kundalini Yoga opens the door to higher consciousness and emotional balance.

This is a Bij (seed) mantra and within this seed is contained all the knowledge of the fully grown tree. The seed mantra is the identity of truth embodied in a dense form, the truth of you are.

Satnam is the main word that appears in the ancient Sikh scripture, which is called the Guru Granth Sahib. In addition, it is part of the Gurbani Shabad, also known as Mool Mantra or Mul Mantar, which is chanted daily early in the morning, by all Sikhs.

In Sanskrit, there are 2 words which have this root: Sat which signifies „beingness”, Satya and existence which means validity, truth. There is an important difference between the two Sanskrit words. Satya is the inner search of the philosopher who seeks truth. So, what is this truth? It lies in the rules whereby 2 plus 2 always equals 4, and never 5 or 3.

The word „nam” in Sikhism tradition has two meanings. „It meant both an application and a spiritual symbol of the All-pervading Supreme Reality that sustained the creation. Guru Nanak , who is the founder Prophet of Sikhism, in his teachings emphasized the need of repeating Sat-Nam mantra to realize the All-pervading Supreme Reality.”

Chanting Sat Nam mantra benefits:

Daily reciting with a pure heart of this powerful mantra balances the 5 elements (tattvas), awakens the soul, balance your emotional word, and brings your destiny in the present moment.

Yogi Bhajan has said that reciting this mantra „awakens the soul”.

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