Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditation – Ong So Hung Mantra Meaning

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Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditation – Ong So Hung mantra translation in English:



This Kundalini mantra is a simple chant that embodies a profound spiritual power. Its meaning encapsulates both the simplicity and depth of its effect.

Kundalini Yoga is very practical. This technology offers us spiritual practices that make it possible to expand our consciousness and to enjoy a richer and happier life. The techniques strengthen our nervous system, activate our glandular system, help to align our subtle and physical bodies so that we can be more aware and not a slave to the endless thinking of our dualistic mind.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of the root man- meaning “manas” (mind) and the suffix –tra meaning “tool” or “instrument.” Thus, it is a mind tool that is effective as a healing vibration.

Mantras are an integral aspect of Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Each Kundalini mantra has a sound pattern suggesting to the mind a particular meaning. We recite mantras to clear our space, raise the frequency of our physical and subtle bodies, and open our neutral channel so that we are able to experience Infinite Peace.

Frequently, a sacred mantra is an invocation of the Divine Presence or a devotional chant about the Beloved. All Kundalini mantras which were given by Yogi Bhajan work. Thus, you can choose whichever one you like or you are practicing at this time. Whatever your mantra, make it melodious and meaningful since the meaning behind it connects you to its power.

Chanting Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditation – Ong So Hung mantra benefits:

Chanting this soothing mantra opens and heals the heart chakra (also known as Anahata chakra). It is a beautiful recognition that each of us is a part of the collective consciousness of the creation! Our inner awareness of peace starts in our neutral mind. To access your neutral mind, close your eyes and look inside your head. Daily chanting (with a pure heart) of this mantra further enhances and reinforces its power.

ONG and HUNG have the healing effect of vibrating the cells of the physical body so that they can balance and align with emotions.


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