Har Singh Nar Singh – Har Mantra

Kundalini Mantras

Har Singh Nar Singh – Har Mantra lyrics in Gurmukhi:

„Har singh nar singh neel naaraayan,

Guroo sikh guroo singh har har gayan,

Wha-hay guroo wha-hay guroo, har har dhiayan,

Saakhat nindak dusht mathaayan.”

Har Singh Nar Singh – Har Mantra translation in English:

„God the Protector takes care of the universe. Those who live in God’s consciousness and power, recite Har Har.

Meditate on Wahe Guru and live in that ecstasy. Those who vibrate God’s Name and relate to God, all karmas are cleared.”

Har Is the „bija” or „seed” sound that means seed. It is a sound for expansion, creativity, creation.

In addition, this syllable is believed to be the creativity of the Earth, the dense element, the power of manifestation, the personal, the tangible.

You can use the sound to generate positive vibration, to enhance, to bring to you.

While reciting this mantra focus on the mantra and its energetic effects.

Pumping the navel with each „HAR” will keep mind you present in your body, but you can get totally absorbed into the sounds and feel very refreshed afterwards. You may be amazed how you feel about your current situation.

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