Powerful Maha Kali Mantra (Kalika Mantra) – Om Jayanti Mangala Kali

Hindu Mantras

Maha Kali is the furious form of Shakti or Mother Durga, in the Hindu religion. The Goddess is the destroyer of evil, but she is also a compassionate mother who loves her sincere children. Kalika is usually worshiped by tantriks and advanced meditators to achieve „siddhis” (spiritual magical powers). She is the slayer of ego as well. Kali and Lord Shiva grant spiritua liberation (moksha) by removing the illusion of the ego.

She is the Goddess of complete liberation and worshiped in Her destructive mode. The Sanskrit term ”Mahakali” represents, from an etymological point of view, the feminized variant of Great Time or Mahakala (which is interpreted also as Death), an epithet of the Mahadeva Shiva in Hindu tradition.


The Goddess is usually depicted in a terrifying look, furious and black, with 4 hands, dressed in skulls and dripping blood. Each arm of the Goddess commonly holds an object, which can include – a sword, cup, dagger, trident, drum, whip, chakra, lotus bud, bell, noose, and shield. Furthermore, the Goddess is shown with one foot on Lord Shiva – The Destroyer and with her tongue sticking out.

Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit:

„Om Jayanti Mangala Kali,

Bhadrakali Kapalini,

Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri,

Svaha Svadha Namostuthe.”

This powerful mantra forms part of the prayers offered to the Goddess.

Maha Kali Mantra (Kalika Mantra) – Om Jayanti Mangala Kali benefits:

Practicing this soothing mantra fills in you, courage, power, and strength in big doses which makes you more powerful than your present problems and helps you solve them quickly and with no side effects. Whether it is your landlord who dominates you, your boss or your husband (or wife) who never listens down to you, this powerful Sanskrit mantra is the way to win the situations and other things in your favor.

More importantly, reciting the mantra daily gives you energy, mental power, inner peace, and makes your life relish-able. Also, chanting this mantra you develop the positive spirit towards life, and you become peaceful and happier everyday and even make other people close to you happy, which makes your life prosperous.

Like the Goddess killed the demons that even Mahadeva could not, this chant is clearly an instrument that makes you achieve the impossible which can be obtaining good financial position, total abundance, and remove all debts.

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According with some gurus, regular reciting of the mantra makes a woman give birth who earlier was childless. Hence, it fills happiness in lives of couples who have always felt incomplete in their entire life without any child.

Therefore, this amazing mantra is also said to bring focus and concentration in children who are students and not only but also gives blesses them with good marks. The mantra also makes them smart in the process by focusing their mind to resolve their current problems in schools in short time.

Kalika mantra also wards awaye and protects the bad eye, negative situations, and evil that can harm you and stop your spiritual growth. Thus, it is like a protective covering of your life.

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