Om Sahana Vavatu Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits

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Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Mantra lyrics:

”Om Saha Nau-Avatu

Saha Nau Bhunaktu

Saha Viiryam Karava-Avahai

Tejasvi Nau-Adhii-Tam-Astu Maa Vidviss-Aavahai

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.”

Shanti mantra meaning:

”May we work together in peace and harmony.

Enjoy the fruits of our efforts by sharing with others

May our study be vigorous and fruitful

May we not be jealous of others achievements.

May peace prevail on earth.”


”May the Lord protect us together, May he nourish us together, May we work together uniting our strength for the good of humanity, May we never hate one another, May our learning be purposeful and luminous, May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace.”


This pacifying mantra begins with beej mantra ”Om”. One simple truth about the sacred Om mantra is that is a pure sound energy which is a powerful symbol of the Ultimate Reality or The Divine Consciousness. The mantra is not at all limited to any religion, however, few religions have adopted it.

You have to chant this mantra for yourself to feel the immense power.


Every Sanskrit mantra activates a special type of healing energy in a different part of the body. Chanting the mantra without awareness only brings dullness to the mind. Any chanting of the sound always makes your mind dull. But when it is done with an exact understanding of what it is and with proper awareness, a sacred mantra could be a very powerful instrument.

Therefore, reciting mantras is a conscious method of controlling our behaviors and moods, and in turn, our vibration and resultant all-around radiance, much like changing the channel on the television.

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