Mercury Mantra Lyrics (Budh Beej Mantra) – Om Budhaya Namaha

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Budh Beej mantra, also known as Mercury Mantra, is a powerful mantra dedicated to Mercury (or Budh), one of the Navgrahas in Hindu astrology and belief.

This potent Lord Budh Mantra aligns you with the positive vibrations of planet Mercury. The Planet Budh is ruled by the Lord Budha, who is the divine paradisiacal image and was the rebirth of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna upon Earth.

According to Hindu mythology, Mercury or Budha is considered to be the son of Moon. Venus and Saturn are his friends and Moon and Jupiter are enemies.

Chanting Mercury Mantra (Budh Beej Mantra) – Om Budhaya Namaha benefits:

Chanting this mantra with a sincere heart can provide you wealth, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, and good luck. This mantra can also help to get a good job. According to astrologers and Jyothish ancient texts, it is best that the mantra to be recited 4,000 times .

Mars or Budh depicts analysis, intellect, communication, the senses (especially the skin), business, science, logic, mathematics, education and research. In addition, Budh is related to intelligence – when Budh is low, intelligence is low, and all sort of miseries and problems take place in life.

Furthermore, if Mercury is badly placed then health problems could include psychic diseases, deafness, gastric problems, insomnia, skin diseases, nervous breakdown, loss of memory or speech, asthma.

For afflictions of Budh, his mantras can be recited. Also, wearing gems are one of the most prescribed natural remedies in the science of astrology for vanishing the malefic reflections of planetary placements in the horoscope.

So in case you are starting to chant mantras for a planet which is positive in your horoscope, the planet will start gaining strength as the sacred mantras will transmit the healing energy of the planet into your mind and body in the same way the gemstones do, though the mechanism of mantras and gemstones are different.

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