Mantra of Love – Tumi Bhaja Re Mana Mantra

Hindu Mantras

Lyrics in Sanskrit:

Tumi Bhaja re Mana,

Tumi Japa re Mana,

Om, Shri Ram Jaya Ram,

Japa re Mana.

Tumi Bhaja Re Mana translation in English:

Oh mind (mana), my dear friend.

Always sing (Bhaja) the name of the Divine.

Always repeat (japa) the name of God.

You’re in every breath that I have.

You who are the air I breathe.

Thou who art all I want to see and feel.

You who are everywhere, and everywhere I go and want to go.

You who are in every word I say.

You who are in the interval between each word.

That His thoughts filling all the space where my thoughts are. His name is always on my lips.

His presence always in my heart.

Chant the Name of God in each inhalation and exhalation, with or without words.

That every breath is God .


It simply implyd, oh my mind repeat and adore or worship the name of the Lord. The names of the Lord as Ram or Rama are secondary.

In devotional prayers like such (also known as kirtans or mantras), the tradition purports that it is bringing the Lords name with utmost devotion and willful surrender that transforms a prayer from being a mechanical activity to becoming that longing in your voice which seeks for a perfect connection with the Divine.

Lord Rama is one of the most commonly adored gods from Hindu tradition and is known as an ideal man and hero of the legend Ramayana (it is viewed as one of the 2 great works of Indian literature, along with the Mahabharata).

Lord Rama is considered to be the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama was born during Treta Yuga out of 4 cyclic Yugas described in religious sacred books.

Lord Rama is always holding a bow and arrow indicating his readiness to destroy evils. Also, Lord Rama is additionally called „Shri Rama”. More generally, Rama is portrayed in a family type, (Ram Parivar) with his wife Sita, brother Lakshman and devotee Lord Hanuman who is sitting near Rama’s feet.

„I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, so we’re really not that different, me and you.” – Lord Rama’s quote.

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