Ketu Mantra – Om Ketavae Namaha for Spiritual Development

Hindu Mantras

Ketu Mantra – Om Ketavae Namaha translation in English:

„Om, I bow down to Ketu.”


According to the ancient Vedic astrology, Lord Ketu is the representation of karmic collections both bad and good, spirituality and supernatural influences.

He signifies the spiritual development of the refinement of materialization to the spirit and is considered both beneficial and malefic (negative), as it causes some suffering, such as – loss and sorrow, and yet at the same time turns the individual to God. In other words, it causes the material loss in order to force a more spiritual direction in the person.

Moreover, He is the lord of 3 nakshatras (lunar mansions): Ashwini, Mula, and Magha. He stays for eighteen months or 1.6 years in each Zodiac. The metal representing Hum is Iron and gemstone is Cat’s Eye.

He is considered responsible for moksha (which means liberation or release), sannyasa, self-realization, restlessness, gnana (a wavering nature), slender physique and the endocrine system.

He, similar with Lord Rahu is associated with spiritual attainment but works inwardly where Lord Rahu works outwardly. Furthermore, He is oriented toward renunciation, inner purification, and self-inquiry in order to perfect the inner realm. The people who come under His influence can achieve great heights in spirituality.

Chanting the mantra benefits:

This potent mantra is focused to receive the energy, power, and strong vibrations of the deity. More importantly, daily reciting of this soothing mantra gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life and makes you prosperous, happy, wealthy and healthy.

This amazing mantra can be recited by anyone wanting to attain healing powers, spiritual knowledge, help in research, help in marital problems, help to inner purification, helping one lose weight, help the cardiovascular system, and help in keeping the body’s glands working properly (the endocrine system).

He does not rule any particular hour or day. Chant the mantra everyday 107 times before sunrise for relief and, especially on Tuesdays and Sundays.


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