Devi Durga Gayatri Mantra for Overcoming Obstacles

Hindu Mantras

Devi Durga Gayatri mantra lyrics:

”Aum Mahaa-Dhevyai Cha Vidmahe

Durgaayai Cha Dhimahee

Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath.”

another version:

”Om girijaya vidhmahe,

Sva priyaya dhimahi,

Tanno durgah pracodayat.”

Mantra translation:

”Om, Let me meditate on the goddess who is daughter of Kathyayana ,

Oh, maiden Goddess, give me higher intellect ,

And let Goddess Durga illuminate my mind.”

More information:

This Sanskrit mantra helps the practitioner to complete any given task easily and helps to overcome obstacles.

Durga Devi is the great Goddess of ancient India. It is considered that Goddess Durga is the combined form of sacred powers of Goddesses Lakshmi, Goddess Kali, Goddess Bhairavi, and Goddess Saraswati.

The adoration of Devi, also known as the Universal Mother, leads to the attainment of wisdom and knowledge of the Higher Self. The Goddess is the ultimate source of power to this world and entire universe runs in Her hands. The Universal Mother protects Her devotees and mankind from misery and evil by destroying evil forces (negative energy and vices, such as – jealousy, arrogance, prejudice, anger, hatred, greed, and selfishness).

Lord Shiva and Devi are regarded as the two-fold personification of Brahman, the ancient substance. The Goddess exists in a complete state of self-sufficiency and independence from the creation and everything and everyone in it.

In Sanskrit, Durga literally translates as “the inaccessible” or “the impenetrable,” and She is also called Divine Shakti.

The Universal Mother is honored with extreme fervor during the magical annual Navratri Hindu festival, which marks the beginning of autumn and occurs usually in late September or early October. Navratri translates as “nine nights” in Sanskrit, and on each day of the festival, 9 different forms of Mother Durga are celebrated.

“Therefore an individual should ever strive for the destruction of ignorance, for one’s birth is fruitful when ignorance is completely dissolved. One thereby attains the end of human existence and the state of being liberated while living.”— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 4.7-8)

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