Datta Mala – Sri Dattatreya Mantra for Health and Conceiving a Child

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Sri Dattatreya is the incarnation of the Holy Trinity consisting of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu. Therefore, He has the combined qualities of the Hindu Trinity. This incarnation of the Destroyer, the Creator, and the Protector is said to be very kind to His devotees and bless them with abundance and happiness.

Although He was at first a “Lord of Yoga” exhibiting distinctly Tantric characteristics, He was adapted and assimilated into the more devotional Vaishnavite cults. While in the present day He is still worshiped by millions of Hindus, He is approached more as a benevolent god than as a spiritual teacher of the highest essence of Indian thought.

Moreover, the Datta principle, in the form of Vallabh, protects the creation from the circular-shaped distressing frequencies that create a fear psychosis, hence protects the embodied souls.

The usual aspect in which Lord Datta appears is that of an ascetic with three heads and six arms. These signify the unification of the Hindu Trinity – Lord Brahma (creator), Lord Vishnu (preserver) and Lord Shiva (destroyer). He is also depicted with a ”Sudharshana-chakra” (disc weapon), which represents that He is beyond the cycles of time (past, present and the future) and His holding of ”Sudharshana-chakra” signifies that He is the controller of time.

In addition, the Trishul (trident) in Lord Dattatreya’s hand represents that He has transcended the three-Gunas, which constitute the illusory world – rajas (passion and activity), sattva (divine knowledge and purity), tamas (inertia and ignorance).

Dattatreya Moola mantra:

”Om Guru Datta Namo Namah.”

Dattatreya beej mantra:

”Om Gurudevay Vidmahe.”

Dattatreya Gayatri mantra:

”Om Dattatreya Vidmahe

Athri Puthraaya Dhimahi

Thanno Datta Prachodayath.”

Translation in English

”We are quite familiar with Lord Dattatreya. We meditate on Avadhut. May that Sri Datta inspire our intellect benevolently. The chanda of this powerful mantra is Gayatri, the sage Shabar and the deity Dattatreya.”


In the Nath tradition, He is acknowledged as an avatar of the Lord Vishnu and as the Adi-Guru (first teacher) of the Adinath Sampradaya of the Naths. He is the primal manifestation in the Guru tradition. Additionally, He is considered to be Ishta Devata (the presiding deity) for the path of yoga, hence called the “Lord of Yoga”.

The literal translation of the Sanskrit term ”Dattatreya” – Datta (given) and Atreya (son of sage Atri), which suggests ”the one who has given himself away,” as the son of sage Atri (a Vedic sage, who composed numerous hymns to Lord Agni, Indra and other Vedic deities).

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Datta Mala mantra benefits:

Sanskrit mantras are used in rituals, chanted or whispered in combinations and contexts, setting up healing patterns of vibrations. The practitioner must learn to pronounce the mantra properly and understand their meaning.

Many individuals have been blessed with benefits and have achieved a lot in every field of life after chanting this mantra. You can also recite the mantra if your career is not going in a correct direction. This mantra is sacred, and it ensures protection for the house and helps couples to conceive a healthy child.

Note – There is no restriction whatsoever whether this mantra can be recited by women and so on.

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