The Seven Line Prayer – Buddhist Healing Mantra

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This chant to Padmasambhava is a famous prayer that is chanted by many Tibetans daily and is said to contain the most sacred and important teachings of Dzogchen.

„This prayer in 7 vajra lines is the most majestic of all prayers to the glorious and great one of Oddiyana, the essence of all the victorious ones of the 3 times.

Arising as the inherent healing vibration of naturally occurring vajra sound, it constitutes a considerable treasure trove of blessings and spiritual attainments.” – Mipham Rinpoche’s quote.

Mantra lyrics:

”Hung orgyen yul gyi nubjang tsam,

Pema gesar dongpo la,

Yatsen chok gi ngödrub nyé,

Pema jungné shyé su drak,

Khor du khandro mangpö kor,

Khyé kyi jesu dak drub kyi,

Jingyi lab chir shek su sol,

Guru pema siddhi hung.”

Translation in English:

”Huṃ! In the northwest of the land of Oḍḍiyaṇa,

In the heart of a lotus flower,

Endowed with the most marvelous attainments,

You are esteemed as the „Lotus-born”,

Surrounded by countless hosts of ḍakinis.

Following in your footsteps,

I urge to you: Come, inspire me with your blessing!”

The Seven Line Prayer chanting benefits:

In the Nyingma tradition, this chant is recited 3 times at the starting of any spiritual practice. This mantra is also very often recited among Kagyupas and Sakyapas. This is a Prayer to Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, the 2nd emanation of Gautama Buddha, who brought the sacred Dharma (in the eighth century) to the Tibetan people.

The overall significance of the mantra is perhaps best appreciated in relation to a practice called „union with the nature of the guru”, which is also known as guru-yoga. The objective of this type of yoga is to deepen and purify the student’s relationship with her or his spiritual teacher.

This mantra is introduced as one of the preliminary practices, and it remains essential, in fact, its ancestral importance raises, as one progresses through the more advanced states of the tantric path.

”Billions of wisdom dakinis (woman can actually be favorable on the path to spiritual realization) joined, as of one voice, and in order to ensure the flourishing of the secret mantra teachings, in this world, the realm tamed by Shakyamuni (Buddha), they invited me, with the melody of these seven lines.” – Guru Padmasambhava.

The cultivation of devotion to the guru and the merging of one’s mind with his or her enlightened mind is, in the explanation of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, „the most essential and necessary of all spiritual practices and is in itself the surest and fastest way to reach the goal of enlightenment”.

„This healing prayer is the most majestic of all prayers to Guru Rinpoche – the Buddha of our time. It has been embraced over time as the most powerful way to invoke his blessings.

How magnificent that we have this commentary, one of Mipham Rinpoche’s most moving works, to elucidate these sacred verses and reveal their subtle meaning.” Sogyal Rinpoche’s quote.

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