Sitatapatra (White Umbrella) Goddess Mantra – The Goddess of the White Parasol

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The Goddess of the White Parasol mantra lyrics:

”Tadyatha Om Anale Anale Khasame Khasame Bhayre Bhayre Sauma Saume Sarva Buddha Adishtana Adishtite Soha Om Sarva Tathagatha Ushinisha Sitataputra Hum Phat Hum Mama Hum Ni Soha.”


Goddess Sitatapatra or Dukkar in Tibetan is regarded as the female counterpart of the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion – Avalokitesvara.

The Goddess’ name translates to ”White Victory Parasol,” which is a reflection of the potent protection that Sitatapatra offers to devotees.

White Umbrella Goddess emanated from the Shakyamuni Buddha’s crown protrusion, named the Ushnisha, which is a direct manifestation of His spiritual enlightenment.

In the Mahayana “Sitatapatra Sutra”, the Goddess is also called “Undefeatable” or “Aparajita” and She is also identified as a form of Goddess Tara (“One who protects”) from the Vairocana family. She is also called Mahamaya, which is also the name of the Shakyamuni Buddha’s mother.

In iconography representations, the Goddess is described holding in Her left hand a parasol to Her heart while Her right hand extends downwards, holding a Dharma wheel. The Goddess is also portrayed in white in color because the principal means by which Sitatapatra accomplishes this function is the enlightenment energy of pacification.

Chanting Sitatapatra (White Umbrella) Goddess mantra benefits:

Reciting this mantra provides potent protection against negative entities and interferences. Furthermore, this spiritual practice cures illnesses and pacifies harmful spirits and black magic. The mantra removes bad luck generated from those who intend to harm us with backstabbing, slander, and gossip.

According to Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, Great White Umbrella is a spiritual practice for healing illness, quelling disasters, dispelling interferences and spirit harms, and bringing auspiciousness. To do this sadhana in full requires Kriya tantra abhisheka of Sitatapatra.

Wearing an Ushnisha Sitataputra pendant will also ensure that you are non-stop protected. Having an image of The Goddess of the White Parasol at home, in your living room, will also ensure that your house is constantly protected.

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