Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra – The Great Wisdom Loving Mother

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Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra meaning on syllable, by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche:

  • OM means the great, all knowing, loving mother Chamma;
  • MA means protection from enemies;
  • WA means protection from curses;
  • MA means protection from infertility;
  • DE means protection from nagas;
  • MA means protection from wrong views;
  • HI means protection from making harmful errors;
  • MO means protection from death;
  • HA means protection from negative planetary forces;
  • E means of enlightened activity: powerful, peaceful, increasing, wrathful;
  • MA means represents the source of the teachings;
  • HO means 4 doorkeepers of the mandala on each level;
  • MA means her 108 manifestations that inspire certain sutric and tantric spiritual teachings;
  • YE means her 360 manifestations that inspire other sutric and tantric teachings;
  • RU means 5,500 manifestations manifest in: seeing, accumulation, preparation, meditation;
  • PA means Her endless external manifestations;
  • YE means the primordial single root of the countless manifestations;
  • TA means Chamma who is the tamer of the powerful beings and powerful realms;
  • DHU means Chamma of manifestation;
  • DHU means Chamma of the Bodhisattvas of the 10 bhumis;
  • SO means the aspect of Chamma beyond: the 3 times, appearance and emptiness, existence or non-existence, eternalism or nihilism;
  • HA means the base of manifestation of all the root sutric deities.

Sherab Chamma, the Wisdom Loving Mother, is the embodiment of loving compassion. As an enlightened deity, Chamma manifests in many different types according to the needs of practitioners.

The 8 manifestations that are the focus of this strings of meditations are all peaceful types that help us overcome and transform different types of struggles and fears, such as challenges with enemies, illness of fears, struggles with the unknown, and the ultimate fear, the fear of death.

Through the power of Sherab Chamma’s love, knowledge and wisdom, our fears are transformed into self-arising wisdom and we are able to creatively embrace the countless challenges of our lives.

In her most wrathful form Chamma manifests as the horrific enlightened defender Sipai Gyalmo – the principal protector of the Bon religion. In her semi-wrathful form the Goddess manifests as the deity Yeshe Walmo with different types, principally as a defender and as a healing deity.

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In Bon tradition, Chamma is one of the „Four Main Sugatas,” which means that the Goddess belongs to those 4 „Peaceful Deities,” who inspire and guide the spiritual development of humankind.

Chanting this mantra benefits:

This soothing mantra is for generating loving kindness and compassion.

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