Red Tara Mantra Meaning – Om Tare Tam Soha

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Red Tara Mantra lyrics in Tibetan:

„Om Tare Tam Soha.”


There are numerous lineages and forms of the Goddess Red Tara. She is connected with the activity of magnetizing.

The Goddess is worshiped and adored by unhappy lovers and is considered to be especially successful in bewitching women and men.

This potent mantra is chanted ten thousand times and it is said to bring about all of one’s desires. Goddess Red Tara is extremely seductive and sensual, and She is the dakini of enchantment and magic and the „Mother of liberation”.

Goddess Tara is a female Bodhisattva in Tibetan Buddhism. She is the feminine aspect of the Bodhisattva of compassion, also known as the „Mother of all the Buddhas,” and She defends the welfare of all sentient beings and those who are dedicated to her are especially fortunate.

In Sanskrit, the root word târ signifies „cross over” or „to traverse” as in using a bridge to ford a stream.  In the orthodox Indian sacred tradition, the word Tara refers to the second of „Ten Means to Realization”. And as „Shri Tara Devi” She is the deification of that Mahavidya, according to Hindu tantra.  As a  Tarini, the Goddess carries you across.  That is, She serves as a link for you to get to immortality.  But the root word  „tar” can signify „particularly” and „tree”, and it is also related to „pupil of the eye”  and to „star”.

The Goddess is depicted with 4 arms and holds various symbolic attributes in her hands. With 2 of her main arms the Goddess Tara holds an arrow, stretched on a flower bow. The shaft of this arrow is made of flowers and the flight is made of leaves.

Her upper right-hand holds a flower-hook, and the final left-hand holds a noose. Both these implements enable her to catch those of us who have strayed from the path Dharma.

Meaning on syllable:

  • OM – all mantras start with OM or AUM, the fully-active Sahasrara chakra, indicating the first empowerment, the empowerment of the body into the wisdom body of a Buddha.
  • TARE means TARA.
  • TAM is the seed syllable of Tara, in the Anahata chakra, brilliant ruby sound source, radiating out to all the world.
  • SOHA means thus this sacredly is true.

Chanting Om Tare Tam Soha – Red Tara Mantra benefits:

Chanting this powerful mantra brings love and marital happiness to those who recite it. Those having problems finding love, or those in relationship problems with their spouses can turn to Goddess Red Tara for resolution. Reciting this amazing mantra daily makes you enthralling in the eyes of others and smooth-ens your relationships with everyone dear to you in your life.

In addition, this mantra is also used for protection from harm of all those in peril, overcoming fear and anger, learning to defend oneself and others from evil and harm or to overcoming hate and aggression.

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