Kurukulle Buddha Mantra Meaning – The Love Goddess

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Kurukulle Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit:

„Om, Kurukulle, hrih, hum, svaha.”


Kurukulla is a female deity of the Lotus family, related with the activity of magnetizing. She is usually portrayed as red in color, in dancing posture and holding a flowery bow and arrow.

The word „Kuru” signifies „harsh sound,” and „kulla” signifies „family.”

She is believed to be either the incarnation or a transformation of Heruka or of Buddha Amitabha. She is also one of the 21 Taras mentioned in the ancient Tara tantras.

She is also known as Rigjedma or Kurukulla and is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Love, Sex, Lust, Magick, Liberation and Enchantment.

According to the texts, the Goddess is 16 years old because 16 is ideal number, and this magical number is signifying perfection. The Goddess has a beautiful face with voluptuous body and alluring. The Goddess is single faced because she embodies non-dual wisdom beyond conventional distinctions of evil and good. In addition, the Goddess is depicted naked, because She is unconditioned by discursive thoughts.

„…the Goddess Kurukulla, with a body red in color, one face and 4 arms. The first 2 hands hold an utpala bow and arrow drawn to the ear.” – Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub’s quote.

The sadhana of Kurukulla is found in all 4 Buddhist schools, particularly in rituals connected with the enchanting or subjugating magical function.

Just as Goddess Tara in her usual green form may be called upon by Buddhists to defend them from various threats and dangers, specially the 8 great terrors and the 16 fears, so in her red form as Goddess Kurukulla, she may be called upon to exercise her powers of bewitchment and enchantment to bring under her power (dbang du bsdud) those demons, evil spirits and humans who work against the welfare of humanity and its spiritual evolution.

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